Embracing both the Green and Digital transitions means reimagining companies’ approaches to their end-to-end supply chains.

SEA Vision’s end-to-end traceability solution is the solution for cosmetic industry that safeguards the authenticity of cosmetics, ensuring transparency, quality, and customer engagement while actively combating global counterfeiting.


Digital Label. 

The way to connect your company to your customers.

Our system utilizes the power of a reliable full track-and-trace solution, incorporating the innovative concept of a Digital Label for your products. Unlike traditional physical labels, a Digital Label serves as a bridge between your company and your customers.

To create a Digital Label, we oversee the printing or application of a data carrier, typically a QR or2D code, onto your product. This code contains a unique identifier, enabling you to track the product throughout the entire supply chain.

Through a mobile app or dedicated web page, consumers can engage with your brand and access a wealth of information that you choose to share with them.



This is a typical scenario that enable the end-to-end traceability solution. 
Our solution leverages on SEA Vision’s 20 years of experience in track and trace. Let’s discover in detail every solution component.


yutrace is the traceability solution for the production site, is used to gather and store production and traceability data into the production database. Yutrace autogenerates the unique identifier and communicates with the line systems.


It is the vision and traceability system used on the machines of the packaging line to manage the printing and check the cosmetic unique identifier.

Tracker is a camera-based system performing control, serialization and aggregation operations. It is installed on one or more packaging machines, exchanging with them real time information through digital signals.


It is a warehouse rework mobile application used to perform reworking operations, whose results are transferred into the production database. 

Reworkapp allows the operator to reach any part of the warehouse and rework the products where they are. The main features of reworkapp for warehouse operations are: Disaggregation, Rejection, Sampling.


It is a warehouse picking mobile application used for order fulfillment management. The data recovered from the production database are enriched with logistical data and are then archived in a dedicated distribution database.

The great advantage of this application consists in the digitalization of a workflow that is usually paper-based. This increases the speed and the efficiency of the process.


Production and Distribution databases includes all your production and traceability information and allows you to trace your products along the supply chain. The production database can’t be accessed from outside of your company for ensuring maximum safety. Your business partner such as 3PL, Distributor or agent can add additional data related to the different sales channels in your chain. All the data can be easily retrieved for KPI analysis.


On a dedicated product web page we connect the physical product with the digital information inside the database. Our system can be tailored with specialized functionalities for distinct user roles (Brand owner, company agent, retailer, end-user), all focused on verifying post-marketing product authenticity. Customer experience can be tailor made to deliver dedicated messages related to safety, formulation and brand identity.